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Take Flight
Chap 1: HIM

Eden stood along side the metal railing as she looked out into the vast horizon filled with serenading birds that swayed about the cotton clouds. Her slightly calloused hands gripped the cold railing, her hands were that of a hard worker, an inventor to be exact. Eden loved to create many things, ever since the age of six when she observed her father link together the tiny gears inside a watch she became fascinated by the hypnotic turning of the mechanisms. Since then, she started to construct clocks and even a small little steam engine that could power a small toy car. Her hands often stunk of the faded stench of foreign metals that she would tinker with during her free time. Though in her current residence, in the City of Columbia, only a few knew of her skills when it came to metal and gears. One of said civilians was her father, Gregory Blumenfeld, who was extremely proud and supportive of his daughters creativity. The other was her best friend Elizabeth, who she hadn't seen since she was 12 years old. Now 19, Eden can still perfectly project the day of Elizabeths disappearance clearly in her minds eye.

It was a beautiful sunset, the sky was alight with a violet hue as both Eden and Elizabeth stood together in a comfortable silence. Eden jutted out her hip as she curled her fingers into her side while biting softly at her bottom lip. Her thoughts winding around her next creation that was soon to be born into the world. Elizabeth glanced at her friend, a smile curling her lips as she saw her friends facial expression, knowing all too well what was reeling through her mind.

"Are you going to create it soon?" Elizabeth mused as she smoothed out her short, ebony locks, azure eyes twinkling with amusement.

Eden grinned with excitement, "Soon...and it's gonna be big!" she crowed.

Though her moment of bliss was short lived, as a thunderous roar silenced the city of Columbia. Eliza's countenance twisted into one of horror as her insides clenched and shuttered with dread.

"He's Here..." Her voice wavered, heightening in pitch as the deafening sound of wings flapping echoed in the tense silence.

Eden was scared, and the hostile cry that was released into the air once again didn't help her feel any less vulnerable

"Who...?" She whimpered as she frantically looked for the source of the animalistic screech. Her heart started to beat almost painfully against her ribs as she balled the fabric of her dress in her dainty hands, petrified by the seemingly unknown presence of the beast that belted out such a powerful shriek.

Eden looked to her best friend for comfort only to witness Elizabeths head tilted skyward with her eyes wide and her pupils dilated by the horror that was closing in on them. A shadow engulfed the two, as the mighty bird-like beast towered over them before loudly landing a foot or two away, Eden's head swiveled in it's direction before gaping at it's massive size. The metal brute's eyes glowed a feral red as it cried out once again.

"It's Him..."Elizabeth whimpered.

Eden was without a doubt frightened, but at the same time she felt prickle of inspiration swell within her chest. The beast was beautifully crafted, it's metallic wings and body were shaped wonderfully, she couldn't help but admire it. Oh how she would love to create such an incredible being, to breathe life into a simple sheet of metal before molding it into something so much more. Though her fascination ended as soon as Elizabeth cried out her name, now squirming in the clutches of the beasts left talon.

"Eliza!" She screamed as her eyes started to sting with fresh tears. She reached out a hand as Elizabeth struggled to do the same, as their fingertips brushed against each other Eden tried to make a grab for her hand, but to no avail, the beast took flight and flew off into the distance. Eden couldn't  erase the screams that tore through Eliza's throat from her mind as the creature continued onward into the unknown.
This story is based on the newest Bioshock game, Bioshock Infinite. I'm really happy how I started this out, ever since I saw the game play for Bioshock Infinite my mind was just bursting with ideas! I couldn't help but write something :) Hope you enjoy it! Oh, and I apologize for any grammatical errors!

Chap: [link]

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Nice story about the Songbird....
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